Methods of treatment

As recognized naturopathic therapies, I provide the following methods in my practice:


Western Phytotherapy

Application of tea, tinctures, spagyric, gemmo, potentiated remedies etc.



Analysis and - if necessary - tips to adjusting the way of live, nutrition councelling,  movement, sleep-wake-rhythm, etc. 


Diverting Procedures

Cupping, Baunscheidt method, leeches, massages, ear acupuncture mainly based on the reflex zones. 



Compresses, ablution, baths, etc. with instructions for self-application.



Thereby - during a treatment - Schüssler salts and homeopathic medicinal products can be applied as well as different manual therapies. 


I am recognized by the EMRASCA and Visana. Therefore, many of the health insurances supplementary insurance bear partially or fully the expenses. Please contact your health insurance for more details.