Naturopathy Rheinfelden, Cichorium (c)


The main focus in the case history is the initial conversation, iris, tongue and pulse diagnosis. If available, also laboratory analysis and results of imaging methods are included.


The method of treatment is adjusted to the individual disorder and symptoms of the patient. The individuality of each client, its history, symptoms, situation etc. give me an indication for the specific treatment. Depending on the patient natural remedies (tea, tincture etc.), physical and/or dietetic procedures are more in focus for example.


As *recognized naturopathic therapies, I provide the following methods in my practice:

  • Western Phytotherapy Application of tea, tinctures, spagyric, gemmo, potentiated remedies (Schüssler salts, homeopathic medicinal products etc.). 
  • DieteticsAnalysis and - if necessary - tips to adjusting the way of live, nutrition councelling,  movement, sleep-wake-rhythm, etc. 
  • Diverting ProceduresCupping, Baunscheidt method, leeches, massages, ear acupuncture and others 
  • HydrotherapyCompresses, ablution, baths, etc. with instructions for self-application.

*My methods am recognized by the EMRASCA and Visana. Therefore, many of the health insurances supplementary insurance bear partially or fully the expenses. Please contact your health insurance for more details.

'Mankind consists of hundreds of shells, a fabric made from many threads.'

Hermann Hesse