My therapeutic focus lies in the constitutional therapy, meaning a therapy tailored to the individuality of the client with natural remedies, with the objective to improve the adaptability of the client to internal and external influences. The therapy starts predominantly with a tincture/spagyric meeting the needs of the client. Additionally - and/or in the following sessions - other methods and remedies of naturopathy (ointments, tablets, finished medical products etc.) are applied. 


In the case of new and/or recurrent symptoms the individuality of each client, its history, symptoms, situation etc. give me an indication for the specific treatment


In gynecology, I particularly include into the therapy the different phases, rhythms and demands in which women move, and their (possible) influence on the situation as it is.   


In pediatrics there is often the behaviour and the physical symptoms that give me a good starting point for a first direction of treatment. The influence of the social environment (family, daycare, friends, school etc.) comes into focus especially when there are recurrent complaints. 

Mankind consists of hundreds of shells, a fabric made from many threads. 

Hermann Hesse